We are accepting Thermal Cycling jobs here at Spur Electron.

Technical Specification

  • Width; 50cm, Depth; 55cm, Height; 60cm
  • Cooling rate: Designed to aim for 15.5-minute transition from 100 to -55c
  • Rate change: Typically 10c/minute
  • Dew points are at -40c in the best-case scenario
  • -70c – + 160c
  • Tolerance at SP during ramp +5/-0 at 100c and +0/-5 at -55c
  • Dehumidifier
  • Eight channels of type T thermocouple.

Our thermal cycling chamber provides cutting-edge technology that can hold a high quantity of boards at any given time. Controlled by a quality engineer with various decades of experience, our thermal cycling chamber is in good hands.

Thermal Cycling Data Sheet


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