Component Procurement

Spur Electron provides essential engineering expertise for the selection and procurement of Hi-Rel components. These components can be extremely complex and expensive, meaning they require close monitoring during production and during acceptance testing.

Spur Electron engineers mitigate design risk by working with our clients in the assessment of the Declared Components Lists (DCL) to identify areas of major concern and to propose alternative solutions, which may be the identification of other suitable EEE components and manufacturers. Qualified components may meet the mission requirements, but cause issues at a later stage during verification or assembly. It is important that these are identified from the very beginning to avoid major project issues at a later date.

Programme Management

Programme management disciplines are applied to all EEE component procurement and manufacturing contracts. The primary objective and goal is to ensure the quality requirements are adhered to and the EEE components or populated board assemblies are delivered in accordance with the schedule and financial requirements. Programme managers are allocated to each contract with the necessary authority to manage from inception to completion, ensuring continuity for the customer. They provide clear and concise reports to ensure the status of each contract is clearly and succinctly communicated to the customer.

Export Regulation Control

The export restrictions that control the use of products classified as ITAR, EAR, ECCN etc. are ever changing and require up to date knowledge. Spur Electron staff will manage the whole process from start to finish, from the original application to the final review of the approved license.

We rigorously abide by the export licence regulations and processes to ensure that export licences are correctly completed and submitted in a timely manner, thus avoiding costly delay. Attention to detail is essential to avoid export licence amendments being required or licences being rejected. We have an excellent working relationship with all the government bodies responsible for export licence applications and approvals.

Receiving Inspection & Test

Receiving inspection is performed on all EEE component lots delivered to Spur Electron in accordance with documented procedures to verify that the EEE components and data are in conformance with programme requirements. Particular attention is directed at verifying the component termination finish and if the leads are Tin/Lead or pure Tin.

Where components require additional testing such as PIND, DPA etc. the unique Receiving Inspection Report (RIR) assigned to each line item is not approved until the components are fully compliant to the requirements.

Any non-conformance identified will be automatically managed through the Quality Management System.


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