SEL and PoL Solutions Provided by Zero-Error Systems

It is well documented that radiation gives space infrastructure many issues. The rising prevalence of commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) products makes the issue of radiation more significant than ever for space. There has been no response until now. Our partners at Zero-Error Systems (ZES) have developed two cutting-edge, innovative products to ensure survival for COTS products against radiation in outer space.

Latchup Detection and Protection (LDAP)

Aimed to prevent single-event latchup (SEL), ZES have developed the LDAP radiation-hardened monolithic chip. Operating as a single chip with an input range of 1.2V to 5V, ZES’ innovation offers new means of COTS IC’s to survive and thrive in space. This fantastic technology works with two levels of protections – single-event upset (SEL) occurrence detection and providing SEL current thresholds. This encourages power cycling of COTS infrastructure. Additionally, ZES’ LDAP product is immune to single-event transient, single-event upset, and is not affected by drift currents that are long-term as a result of total ionized dose.

Monolithic Radiation-Hardened Point-of-Load (PoL)

Our partners at ZES have developed proprietary architecture of the monolithic radiation-hardened point-of-load device. This innovative and game-changing device offers:

  • High power efficiency over a wide loading range
  • Ultra-fast transient response
  • A very high step-down ratio of >20:1
  • Independent parallelism with redundancy
  • Minimised passive components
  • Zero voltage switching and zero current switching
  • An input voltage of 5V to 16V
  • 93% peak power efficiency.

We are excited to work in conjunction with Zero-Error Systems to oversee these products launched into the COTS market. These products will ensure that COTS components can survive from radiation in outer space. Need more information?


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