Counterfeit Avoidance Testing at Spur Electron

The grey market is constantly growing in terms of size and breadth. Counterfeit products around the world are having devastating effects on various sectors, and the accountability that comes with such industries. As we are so heavily invested in high-accountability sectors (such as space) at Spur Electron, we acutely understand the importance to combat this. To respond to this threat, we conduct counterfeit avoidance testing in our laboratory. Led by our ESA-trained Laboratory Manager, we can offer counterfeit avoidance testing with AS6081 standards, completed to an exceptional level. Spur is committed to aiding its customers in identifying genuine products from the grey market against their counterfeit counterparts.

Sampling Plan of a Typical Counterfeit Avoidance Test:

  • Non-destructive:

-Documentation and packaging inspection

-General external visual inspection

-Detailed external visual inspection.

  • Destructive:

-Solvent test for remarking

-Solvent test for resurfacing

-Radiographic inspection

-Lead finish evaluation

-Delid/decapsulation and inspection.

We also offer an additional solderability test (quantity of 3; destructive) for an extra charge as part of our wider counterfeit testing experience.

The rise in counterfeit and fraudulent electronic parts entering the supply chain of various industries and sectors is well documented. There is great importance in identifying a counterfeit product, or else there are serious consequences for those complicit.

In response to this, Spur Electron has acquired the highly relevant AS6081 standard. This is to ensure we are able to carry out counterfeit avoidance testing and able to carry this means of testing out to a high standard.


We can offer rapid lead times for counterfeit avoidance testing, conducted by our experienced Laboratory Manager.


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