Spur Electron is an independent, SME space company.

  • Spur Electron have been providing services as a privately-owned business since 1982.
  • We have established a rich history and heritage successfully working with customers in the UK, Europe and Asia
  • A key supplier of EEE component engineering and procurement services
  • An analytical laboratory to support our internal EEE component and PCB assembly activities and act as an independent laboratory to customers
  • An extensive library of over 200 ESA verified shapes which eliminates any requirement for verification for all standard Spur shapes
  • PCB assembly in a Class 7 clean room using a combination of auto and hand assembly fully in compliance with IPC and ESA ECSS requirements
  • Spur Electron is an independent SME and our independence is an essential ingredient of our ethos
  • As an SME, Spur Electron has a special affinity and empathy for fellow small to medium enterprises who form the largest part of our customer base
  • As all parties who operate in the space industry are aware, reputation is everything and everything that we do is key to enhancing you and our reputation

For almost 40 years we have been involved in the majority of Europe’s major space programmes including manned space activity, such as Spacelab and Space Station Columbus and deep space missions including the enormously successful Rosetta probe. Our active client base currently spans some 15 European countries and others in India, China, Korea, Japan and South Africa, clearly demonstrating the quality of service that we repeatedly achieve.

Spur Electron is, and will remain, an SME space company committed to the provision of our service offerings to our clients, particularly Small and Medium size Entities like us, who wish to concentrate on their core skills in design and development in the knowledge that Spur will provide the necessary services to convert their ideas into products.

Equally, our services are available to those major companies which require our specialist capabilities or simply require an available extension to their existing capability. Get in touch!

Your service provider of choice – Spur Electron

Registered Office Address - Hayward House, Hayward Business Centre, New Lane, Havant PO9 2NL
Registered in England and Wales
Registration No. 1672509


Business Development Director – Richard Matthews – [email protected]

Tel: +44 (0) 23 9245 7140