Component Constructional Analysis at Spur Electron

Our wider component constructional analysis model consists of three primary means of testing: constructional analysis, destructive physical analysis, and failure analysis.

The Constructional Analysis is the bedrock to the introduction of new technologies into component lists.

Here at Spur, we love finding answers to problems. Destructive physical analysis allows us to do this! Destructive physical analysis assures that flight standard components fully meet specified requirements.

As part of our failure analysis, we conduct EDX Analysis, scanning electron microscopy, and micro sectioning. We are in high demand for our micro sectioning capabilities! Why? Spur Electron is the only facility in the UK who can carry this means of analysis out to an ECSS-ESA standard, and one of six in the whole of Europe. We are able to fulfil this niche service to customers.

We can offer rapid lead times for our constructional analyses, conducted by our experienced Laboratory Manager. If you are interested and wish to receive a quote: Get in touch!


Managing Director – Cathy Chandler – [email protected] Tel: +44 (0) 23 9245 7140