Launch of Thermal Cycling Webpage

😬 Firstly, please excuse the date of this post…

🆕 Now our thermal cycling chamber is now commissioned and that our quality engineer is fully trained with the machinery, it is time to launch our permanent thermal cycling webpage. Our thermal cycling chamber is a fantastic piece of machinery that changes how we can assume quality testing.

The webpage fundamentally includes the technical specification of the machinery we possess, while also offering readers a sneak peek of an insight as to how excited we at Spur HQ were for its arrival!

The purpose of the thermal cycling chamber is to test electric components’ means and survivability of withstanding extreme climates, such as rapid temperature change and exposure to heat. PCB boards are highly prone to cracks and damage when exposed to continuous humidified heat, meaning the thermal cycling chamber acts as a try-and-error process to eliminate the threat of this for the future. This means that the thermal cycling chamber now acts as a fundamental arm of our quality proceedure (when necessary).

The thermal cycling chamber is appropriate for space components, but also other industries. Need more information or a quote?

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