The Arrival Of Our Pick & Place Machine

By March 24, 2022Uncategorized

Going (literally) through the window!


What a month it has been at Spur Electron. What better way to top it off than with some new machinery?

Spur Electron now has its very own pick and place machine. This means that we will be able to manufacture PCB boards at a much quicker rate than ever before! This is a display of Spur’s commitment to keep up with and be ahead of the rising demand of quick supply in the low-cost access to space industry. As low-cost is increasingly becoming the answer to all things space, this means quicker turnaround times will soon become the new norm…and so our new pick and place machine directly responds to this.

However, the pick and place machine has not been the only new piece of machinery that has been delivered to Spur HQ this month. As readers will be aware, we also received our thermal cycling chamber this month. The thermal cycling chamber will allow us to test components at extreme temperatures, to ensure they are suitable for space.

What a way to see Spur Electron into spring! We are now able to listen to customers requiring work done that will require the use of our pick and place machine and thermal cycling chamber. Get in touch!